A songwriter, performer & multi-musician. 
A music producer & engineer. 
A music computer expert. 

Having released the album Trial and Error, and the singles London Underground, & Love in Blue from the next album, Luke Nyman is performing live and on radio, together with virtuoso guitarist Rei Satoshi, across Holland. 

He has released albums & singles to be found on all major digital music outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, etc. 

He is keyboard player for other members of the Singer Songwriters Guild, Lake Montgomery, Ro Halfhide and Tony Chapman. Luke has performed live on several radio shows: AmsterdamFM, English Breakfast Radio, Radio 5, etc. 

Born in England, Luke Nyman started to play a plastic trumpet at the age of 6, but switched to classical piano lessons at 7, with renowned piano and harpsichord virtuoso, Virginia Black. 

Luke won several piano contests, among other The Chelmsford Music Festival. Also singing in a choir, he performed at Victoria Albert Hall in London. 

With puberty came the first band, with his brothers. He shunned the piano lessons for electric guitar, considering it to be more "rock 'n' roll". 

He began piecing his thoughts together with chords he'd just discovered, writing his first songs on guitar & piano. With each birthday a new instrument was added to the mix. 

Luke Nyman studied studio engineering in Gateway Studios at Kingston University in London. Moving to Amsterdam in the early 90's, he studied at the renowned Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, and started his career as a singer-songwriter, and studio engineer. 

Well known in the Netherlands under the name of Computer & MIDI Doctor, Luke is also, since1998, an established audio engineer, specializing in Midi and Audio interfaces and protocols.